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30 November 2007



Okay, I'll bite! I'd love to try something besides the Crest brand.


I'd love to try them!


I will try them too! I have the Listerine whitening mouthwash and it works pretty well, but it has that same disgusting taste you mentioned. I am pretty used to it, so I think I won't mind the strips. Thank you!


You've lured me out of lurking. How terrible is it that I've been meaning to say "Hooray for your fabulousness and your fabulous new blog" for weeks, but didn't actually do it till you dangled free stuff? I am not fabulous. I really admire the new blog and the attitude behind it. You're a role model in so many ways (and I stand behind that, even without free stuff.)


Me, me, me!


Btw, loving this new blog! I too like to maintain a certain "fabulous" level as a mom although sometimes that's hard to do (I have 3 year old twin girls from IVF). So I'm looking forward to reading any tips/tricks/insights that you'd like to share. :)


Sounds intriguing.... I'm game if the offer's still good.

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