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16 November 2007



Hi, Summer!


WOWIE WOW WOW! I'm so glad your fabulousness is being acknowledged by a national glossy publication. I can't wait to see the feature. GOOOOOOO MA.HOT.MA! (That's what you should have called this


Hi! And happy New Blog! Speaking of "fabulous," the picture of you absolutely is.


Hey there. OK I cannot wait to see this magazine. Oh and if I can actually post to you on this blog, I'll be happy.


You know, I've yet to buy a copy of FitBody, but THIS will get me to buy one. When will this issue come out?

I'm still envious even of your pre-T-Tapp sizes, despite knowing about bone structure (I'm a twig at a six) and all. But then, right now, I'm fighting to keep my hips *down* to 46 inches through this pregnancy. DOWN to 46 inches. Yikes.


This IS fabulous!

Yay you...I must buy this magazine.


Wheee! How exciting for you! Fitness magazine AND a fab new blog! Are you keeping the old one, too, or migrating completely?

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