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20 November 2007



And she wines: why oh why can't I have the T-Tapp moment? ARGGG!

I know the answer (not consistent enough, something always happens!)but I still wanted to whine. Actually I have a pretty good reason for not doing it right now: my house was broken into and they stole the DVD player with the total work out in it! How lame is that? I was actually being consistent for the first time and bam! they steal my dvd!

I am currently doing the 15 minute one but it's not the same. I'm still not giving up on it, but I'll have to wait for the insurance money to buy it again.

End of whining.


I went for the Hanky Panx (off of EBay -- waaaay cheaper -- and they rock. They aren't uncomfortable at all. I got the low rise ones and they are really, really low. But that makes them all the more sexy I think.

Yay for big underwear:)


Oh my gosh, okay, first, it was your answer on a forum that lead me to purchase the total workout. And I did it, faithfully, but I'm a slow loser. Then I entered the 60 day workout, but yeah, And I had no idea you won! Wow, okay, I am going to read this blog regularly, I need the inspiration, I need to get it together. Congrats to you!


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