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07 December 2007



All of my brushes are MAC and I love them. I have had most (including my powder brush -- which I use for blush) for about 12-14 years. They are expensive though.

Lst month I threw my back and neck out REALLY BADLY. Like in, I was on painkillers for a week, couldn't move. How did I do this? I had my hair tightly wrapped in a turban to apply my makeup. And when I went to pull it off it got stuck -- I went one way and my head went the other. Nice.

Kathy B.

I use the Bare Minerals Kabuki brush. ($28 on the Bare Escentuals web-site.) They advertise it as their "fullest,fastest all-over face application."

Their Flawless Application Face Brush ($22 on their web-site) sounds like it would work better for you. They advertise it as "Light-to-medium coverage for range of applications"


Hey, what's this mineral makeup of which you speak? I wear no makeup except on special occasions. But my skin tone is not as even as it used to be, and I have dark circles under my eyes (thanks, baby!), so I'm on the lookout for something but I know nothing about makeup. I want to find something super, super simple (i.e., 1-2 steps) that I could wear most days without feeling like I was wearing makeup (i.e., no liquid foundation please!). This mineral makeup sounds like it could be the answer ... Maybe you could post some tips for the edification of all us makeup newbies? :)

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