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22 January 2008



I am thrilled for you! I am glad we'll get to be a part of this new journey -- I can't wait for you to spill more details! P.S. I already picture you as a successful, confident, gorgeous businesswoman who wears great heels.


So awesome Summer! I also have big dreams and plans to get out of my comfort zone this year. Best luck to you. I am looking forward to reading all about it!


Congratulations on all these exciting changes and decisions! I can't wait to follow along.


Brava! Brava!

I have no doubt that you will achieve whatever you put your beautiful heart and brilliant mind to, my friend. Go get 'em.


I am greatly looking forward to the ride! I am too comfortable and need a big jolt, so I'll look to you for inspiration, as I so often do.

Lisa C.

Awesome! Congrats on the business sale and the business venture. You are, indeed, fabulous. Here's to new things!


Welcome to your new digs! And yes, you look fabulous indeed. Gorgeous with the fuschia hair and sexy pout. I'm all about it.

Can't wait to read about all the fabulizing going on here. I need inspiration.

Much love. B


Shall we buckle our seatbelts?


I'll follow... I loved Machu Pichu.

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