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24 January 2008



I have the same problem with my hands. What has helped is using lanolin all over my hands and bedtime then covering my hands with the pair of socks. Not at all sexy but better than sore and slit hands.


Discovered your blog via the T-Tapp web site and just wanted to say I love your writing :) I totally agree about the cold weather...yuck! Also, thanks for the mascara info. I plan to buy the Rimmel stuff this weekend.

I am brand new to t-tapp. All I have done so far is try the "freebies" from the web site. I am considering purchasing the Basic workout when I have the $$$. Any tips would be appreciated.


Hi Summer! You should try the T-Tapp Skin Saver Series. It works wonders for dry skin and penetrates a lot more than lotions (most have alcohol that dries out the skin). My skin gets the same way in the winter (especially when I leave Florida) and the Skin Saver Face always saves the day. You can apply it prior to make-up and it will last all day.

I love reading your blog!!

Take care!


I thought it was just me! I've spent an unwise sum of money trying to recover halfway decent skin. I should know better, and now I do.

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