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20 February 2008



I definitely feel more attractive with shorter hair -- to a point. The super-duper-short I did while pregnant with Maya was simply horrendous! But, then, I suppose that was mostly about a bad cut, not so much about the length.

As for Patti and her opinions, what.f***ing.ever. She'd probably love my hair, if I'd actually grow it out. Plumb line, indeed. Personally, I think the best-looking hair in general is shoulder-length or slightly longer, semi-wavy, and long layers. Call me boring.


My hair is so thick, I could share it with a couple of people. So long = way too much hair. I've tried some different styles, but it just overwhelms my face. So short it is, and it looks much better. My husband prefers it this way too, but would never complain about it either way.


I love my curls~! and I get soooo many looks from men than I ever did without them, HA~! But of course I don't stick around to see if they just wanna look or run their fingers through it..... nor are most of them millionaires I'm figuring. My hair is longer than almost ever too..... hmmmmmm. Yep, I'm keeping my curls and the length...I've been told too many times that I look younger with both *G*

By the way..... LMAO on this: that looked like the butt-fleece of an Irish setter. I LOVE the way you talk *BACG*


I have long, slightly wavy brown hair, and my husband loves it. I like it this way, too, and every time I "forget" and cut it off, I regret it nearly immediately. I keep it all long now, and just put it up in a ponytail or a headband most days. I wear it up or down and loose when I'm going out. It works for us. I don't think, though, that all men prefer long, straight hair - too many cute curly headed irish lassies about for that to be true.


I have had all types of hair styles: long, medium, short, layered, straight, curly.....When I met my husband, I had an awful layered short haircut. He loved me anyway. I grew it out while we were dating and I had long hair when we got married. Then I had kids, my hair texture changed and I have had it short and long since then. DH prefers my hair long; I just want a cut that is flattering on me and is easy to style (I am a hair dryer illiterate!) Also, my hair is very thick, so it can be a pain to blow dry and style when it is long.
I think any woman who would change her looks to catch a specific type of man (ex: make your curly hair straight?? extensions??) needs to work on her self esteem. Also, who are these a**hole men demanding women with long, straight hair? I'll bet they were all old and fat. Gross! Who cares how much money they have? It wouldn't be worth it to me.

All of this just wants me to put my gorgeous, wavy -haired, confident 7 year old daughter in a bubble and keep her there forever.


My hair is long, straight, and brown.

I have almost always worn it long. The few times I've cut it have generally been from necessity (when you have a broken arm, broken leg, and your husband is washing your hair for you once every 2 weeks because he hates doing it and you can't do it yourself) I generally like it short, for ease of care, but my husband finally admitted that he preferred it long, so, long it is.


The one time I had short hair I discovered how strong the cowlick at the crown of my head is. Think Dennis the Menace. It took a golf ball-sized wad of gel to glue it down. Needless to say, I'll NEVER do that again.

Anyway, I personally feel more attractive with longer hair, and I encourage its natural wave by cutting it in long layers. And by long I mean shoulder-length.... longer than that, it just goes flat. When I want it to be super-curly, when going out, I'll blow-dry it with a diffuser... otherwise, I'm a wash-and-go person.


I've had and always want short hair very badly but it. just. doesn't. look. good. on. me. Whereas your hair makes you look young and hip. Short hair ages me terribly. My face is too fat. Guy prefers my hair long but he didn't hate it when it was short. In fact, as I was going shorter and shorter he HATED one of my in-between cuts more than my pixie-esque one (think Gwyneth Paltrow in Sliding Doors short). I always think if I get skinny enough, maybe I could pull it off but I'll never be skinny enough, I don't think. Plain and simple, short hair just doesn't suit me.

Ellie attachedparenr

I have had my hair all sorts of lengths. I have dark blonde or light brown hair (depending on the time of year), and it was just above my shoulders when I met my husband, after I had my first kid, I cut it short (about even with my mouth) later, it was long enough to give a foot of it to Locks of Love. Every time I get a trim or a cut, my husband tells me that I'm beautiful. I think that he just thinks I'm pretty no matter what, but he doesn't like my hair when I try to make it too straight. I likes it better when I try to curl it. My two sisters with curly hair are greatly encouraged by their husbands to keep it curly. It's easier for them, and the guys think they're cuter that way. So much for her stick straight idea. Also, what happens if one of these girls actually marries one of these millionares who are so fascinated with "straight long" hair. What happens when the curly girl straightens her hair for her husband, and in the morning after the wedding, her hair curls from her shower? Is he going to divorce her for the curls? I am all about guys liking the girl because she's his type. Not for the girl becoming what she thinks the guy wants. You can't remake yourself forever. Sometime, we actually have to try to be ourselves.


I have thought about this as I recently got my hair cut short since I was tired of the same medium-long curly hair I'd had forever. I feel like my hair looks more modern and styled now rather than before just hanging there. I have seen some people with long hair who would look so much better with it shorter- and a lot of times they would look younger too. It all depends, but hanging onto long hair to look youthful doesn't necessarily work for everyone. I am happy I married someone who loves natural looks whatever they are- not a barbie doll. Women should have their hair however it makes them feel good, and THAT is attractive.

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