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14 February 2008



May you find peace in your heart and soul sooner rather than later. That is my wish for you this Valentine's Day.

I did tag you for a meme if you think it might distract you some.


Dear, sweet Summer,
Being honest about life and its shadows and draggy times is in fact fabulous. All happy all the time isn't true to human experience. It seems to me that being fabulous means being fully alive and fully human, which includes the motley range of human feeling. Being completely how you are, as you aspire towards what you want to be, is what makes you fabulous.

p.s. Same Jen, new email address


I know how you feel. I think I've awfully bitchy on my blog lately, only complaining instead of counting my blessings. I'm going to focus more on the positive in the coming days/weeks. Was it Oprah who said that keeping a daily journal of blessings ensures that you're always grateful? Something like that...


Does T-Tapp help lift your mood? Usually if I exercise, it seems to help a bit. At least it distracts me for a while :)

BTW, I am a teacher (elementary) and I dread conferences too. It is a bit uncomfortable for parents and teachers. I have been blindsided by parents before so I am always apprehensive about conferences. Usually, it turns out MUCH better than I expected. Just remember that you and the teacher are both working to help your son learn and grow as a person. Good luck!

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