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18 March 2008



Glad to see a post from you! Sorry that D is sick, poor guy, I hope he feels better soon.

Ok, on to shoes. I'm cheap when it comes to shoes as in I like good shoes but not at full price. I find a lot of shoes at Kohl's when they go on clearance. One brand they have that I really like is A2 by Aerosoles. Of course, I just looked at the Kohl's website and what they have listed on their website is meh compared to what I've seen in the store. The secret for me to a comfortable pair of heels is good padding at the ball of the foot. Any of my heels that I wear that have this feature I can pretty much wear all day without any problems. I also buy a lot of my shoes at Ross/Marshall's/TJ Maxx so while they are probably brand name, I can't recall off the type of my head. I know I have some Steve Madden black strappy heels that are super comfy and I think a pair of Rampage heels that I like too. Now I also wear a size 10 and I'm 5'8" so that's a lot of person walking around on big feet so my shoe requirements and yours might be a little different. I envy you your petite feet, I have the hardest time finding sale shoes in my size.

I'm looking forward to hearing what brands others suggest.


Summer, you are searching for the Holy Grail. Good luck with that. I have some Cole Haan/Nike boots, but the groovy air technology is no match for the 3.5 inch stilletto heel on the boot. The Nike technology, at least for heels, seems to give you a nice bouncy feeling at the ball of the foot, but nothing more in the way of support. Filenes basement carries Cole Haan-- you may want to look there for some Nike tech to try on, and if you fall in love, you're at Filene's so at least it's reduced in price.

I have some Rockport 1-inch heel loafers that I'm wearing right now, and they aren't bad, and are reasonably priced. I've had good luck also with Ecco (and there may be a store in Union Station that sells Ecco). I don't like Aerosoles--no support at all. (I am very, very, very picky about shoes.)

Taryn Rose makes super-expensive shoes that are supposed to be perfect for your feet (and at $400 a pair, they should be). She has a secondary line that's a bit cheaper -- more in the $250 range. I haven't dared to try them on, but Zappos sells them.

Please, please, tell the world if you find what you're looking for.


Ha! I laughed when I saw the opening of this post because I just started reading your blog about two weeks ago (maybe via Friday Style?). And just last night, I was like, hmmmm ... I wonder if that girl will ever post again? :) I'm glad you did.

I can't help you with this shoe quandary. I love shoes, but I love my wide, comfortable feet even more, so I never wear heels, unless they are low, chunky heels on some otherwise very comfortable boots. Good luck! (And in addition to Marshalls/TJ Maxx, I recommend DSW for discount brand-name shoes ... If you have time to comb the clearance rack you can find some awesome deals.)


Summer - Remember me from the January '03 board? I've never posted but I thought you'd like these shoes! I just got them from Marshalls for $30! They are so comfortable and I love the platform because I am short and I hate to have my always too short business pants professionally shortened.

If you can't click on the link, you can find them on They are Tommy Hilfiger Women's Moore Clog.

Good luck!


Kenneth Cole shoes do great with my size 10.5 / 11 foot with monkey toes and general foot crankyness.


I have some Cole Hahn ones that are quite comfortable - square toe, patent leather 2inch heel, rubber soles (sort of like this Donald Pliner also does low heels that I find quite comfortable and I bought a pair of (way too expensive) Prada heels black patent leather with rubber soles that are fabulous. In general my philosophy is don't go for too high a heel and buy enough pairs so that you only wear the same shoe every 3 days... that seems to work for me. I don't like platform shoes, but normal shoes with a rubber sole also seem to make a difference to comfort.


The only comfortable high heeled shoes I have were veeery expensive. My favourites are from John Fluevog, in which I scampered about on the rocks at my friend's wedding last summer with nary an ache.

More recently, I picked up some Naots They aren't as fancy, but they have a heavenly cork footbed.

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