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11 March 2008



WOW. Very well written and so true.


Ow ow ow... now I've got the whole painful throat and nose of not-quite crying. What a lovely story, hon... you make a such a huge difference to so many people, even in the little things.


Oh, honey. What a beautiful post. xxoo


None of us know how many days we have left to walk this earth; we might as well make the most of it, and walk in shoes that make us happy.

Not shallow, indeed. *sniff* What a beautiful thought from a sad part of life.


So true, but still heartbreaking. I'm glad that you were able to brighten her day. You made a difference for her and that's what matters.


How hard that must have been, for both of you. It is a good reminder, too, that little things can make a big difference.


What a wonderful post, Summer. You are right - the small things in life are so important.

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