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15 April 2008



I so need to do this. We are the "family of the week" (ha) at the kids' daycare so they wanted to post a picture of us. I could find NOT ONE picture of all four us together. I had to give them one of me with the kids and one of my husband with the kids -- and those are both from last 4th of July!


I saw the lifestyle photo you sent. It's cute!! :)


wow, I thought the mag had gone to print by now, I was asked for an updated photo on the 5th....this baby is taking its time.....has it been 9 months yet??? *BACG*

ITA on the photo thing, although I will have quite the documentation of my 40s in workout wear~! LOL~!


My mother was quite camera shy. Horribly so. It wasn't that she was taking pictures of us, more that she just didn't want her picture taken. She hated how she looked. Then she died when I was 15.

And now? I have very few pictures of my mother, most from her earlier years. I have a wonderful photo somewhere where she's chasing my uncle with a fireplace poker because he dared to take my picture.

So me? I let anyone take my picture. I'm still behind the camera 99% of the time, but I don't hide when someone else wants to turn it on me, even if they are 3 feet tall and have quite the knack for chopping off the tip of my head or making me appear to have 3 or more chins than I actually do.

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