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10 April 2008



That is some super cute hair!


That is some super cute hair!


It looks cute, even if it isn't just how you wanted it.

I too have a small face--I had to get my new glasses shrunk by 2 milmeters on each side. The good part is that they will not look to wide for my little face, but the bad news is I couldn't get the clip on sunglasses.

Glass? hmm. Really? did you check that out?


Well, it's just ADORABLE.


I really like your hair & the color....I went back & read your last post & saw the link to Victoria Beckham. Ironically, this morning I sent almost the same exact picture of Victoria to a new hairdresser that I'm going to next week....I will let you know how it turns out. She will be doing color on me, too, so there could be 2 disasters!

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