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09 April 2008



Oh yes, you should definitely do it. She has great hair -- if only her breasts weren't so distracting!


Oh, absolutely you should do it (if I'm not to late to say so)! With your wave, your hair will probably even hold that cool tousled look in the back -- something my uber-straight hair will NOT do. Just the same, I've still been mulling over different haircut options, because my hair (as "perfect" as it might be) is really, really BORING right now.

The problem for me is, if I get a cut that requires styling, will I EVER have time to actually style it, or will I just look schlumpy in another way? Input welcome!


I love that haircut. I like it way more than her hair is now. I say go for it! Haircuts like that make me want to cut my hair short again.

Amy F

I just went to our Aveda Institute on Friday and got my best-ever haircut and color. Hope it goes that well for you too!


I hope I'm not too late to join in here, but DO IT! DO IT NOW!

It did take a little concentration to get past the crotch shot in order to see her hair, but that style is great and will look great on you.


So did you? I think you would RAWK that look.


I'm probably late with my opinion, but I say 'go for it.' I have that wave thing too, but my hair stylist said that it can also be caused by product build up. She said that most people don't scrub their scalp very hard, and very few scrub that spot on teh back of their head, so there is both a shampoo/conditioner buildup and a styling product build up. I know nothing about your hair, so I could just be being insulting, however, I've wanted to share that bit of information with someone for quite a while, and my blog is not so fashion forward. So in addtion to the haircut, I recommend a claifying shampoo every few weeks, and scrub the ehck out of that back area.


Did you do it? I took an Olsen twin to my haircut and HATE IT. I hope yours worked out better!

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