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12 July 2008



Well, I think that just about sums up what you've been up to. "Busy" doesn't quite cover it!

I hope the move goes smoothly, I hope it's for happy reasons, and I hope settling in to your new home brings you and your family joy.

(Florida? Wow.)

Amy F



Wow! Good to hear from you, Summer. Let us know more when you can.

Kathy B.

wow -- details!? (when you can of course)


Can't wait for the details. Is your mom moving as well? What about your business? Whatever the details are, congratulations! Florida is lucky to have you!

Lynn C

Ah Bummer! So much for our shopping trip when I get down to goal weight!

I kid, I kid (besides, I ended up shelling my weight loss cash into getting a new car, so I don't have it anymore anyway!)

Enjoy Florida. Write more often! I miss you.

Lisa C.

It happened! Congrats! Hope everything works out for you guys.

Jen (yup, another one)

Holy cow! Have a great time... and fill us in someday! ;)


Well! taht will be a nice detailed filled post (hint, hint)


I see many more bikini-clad outfits in your future, CONGRATS~! See ya next time I'm on the beach *G*



Well, I hope you have a spare room. Is all I'm saying.


I'm going to take a guess here - you're going to work for T-tap. They are based near Tampa on the gulf coast right??

But the "I'm moving to Florida" worries me because it didn't say "we are moving to Florida." Everyone is going, right?

Good luck with the move!


I too was/am a little worried at the "I'm moving to Florida". I hope the move goes well.

I know you had been talking about selling the business, so I'm guessing that finally went through.

Can't wait to hear more details!


Welcome!! I am in Tampa - are you going to open a T-Tapp studio? Or become a personal trainer?


Goodness! Congratulations? I hope you like it. I'll miss the idea of someday getting together with you, though. But I guess it's fitting that you live someplace where it's summer all year round, right?

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