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20 July 2008



Ok, yum. Coconut Rum. And green flashes! And, sand! And big boy beds! (our most expensive pieces of furniture are our older son's captain's bed [drawers underneath] and dresser/hutch contraption).

So, girl, spill. How the heck did you end up in Florida after disappearing for a couple of months? Can you tell us NOW? Please? Pretty please?


Yeah, um, we're gonna need details. Dammit, Summer, you are just too mysterious and fascinating!


Did I totally miss the run up to the move? I feel like I've joined a soap opera after a vacation.


Florida? Wow! THAT is a big change from DC. Can't wait to hear the story behind the decision to move.


i'm glad you all made it safely and that dorian likes his bed.

and, uh, you BETTER have a guest room...

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