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06 August 2008



I want to lose 10 lb. I need some stress! (Be careful what you wish for, right?)


An attempt to unblock the blogger, because we miss you: how's Dorian's new school? How's the move going for him? I always liked hearing about your neighborhood in DC -- what's the new one like?

Maybe this falls into the unbloggable category, but tell us if you can: it seems like your DC business had a lot to do with your previous location. Are you doing the same work long-distance, or did you switch directions?


Good lord woman! You didn't look like you had anywhere to lose 10lbs from when we saw you last month.

Pale pink-I think it will be a nice change. Sounds very Florida.


Ugh. that is how I feel after I have the stomach bug and my pants fit better--not a good place to go. I'm sure you'll get all your lovely curves back once your stress balance changes. Wait! I think that is a good thing!

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