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16 August 2008





tee hee! so cute!


Lucky~! Nope, didn't get any of that with my 3. I'm lucky if I can get them to bathe and change their clothes *rolling eyes*


HA. This morning, I got a plum/pink/gold plaid dress with butterflies (cuter than it sounds) over a GREEN and white striped long-sleeve shirt, with (clashing) pink socks and white/pink/sparkly skechers tennies. Oh, and don't forget the purple clip on one side of her head. And the (also clashing) lime green bow on the other side.

I bit my tongue and thanked provence that she was willing for me to at least comb her hair. She looks like a crazy homeless person, albeit a well-groomed one.

I can't believe that he's already going to 1st grade this year. Be still my heart! Do take photos. Blur the face if you must, but share the hair.


Too too sweet. Thank you, also, for giving me hope. I'm about to have a boy, and I've been stuck in the "What on EARTH am I going to do with a boy?!" mindset. Now I see I needn't worry quite yet. :)


Ahahahahahaha I *LOVE* it!


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