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22 September 2008



I got the bronze walkstars yesterday at the mall here (West Palm area). Houston was sold out and not restocking, grrrr. This my first pair, and I just put them on today. They seem REALLY comfy. I love the look of those new black ones too. They had the purply ones in that style at Macy's but eh, no thanks even though it's a ROYAL color *smirk*. I'm soooooo glad I got over my between-the-toe sensitivity~! My boys were never much for sandals, but my husband won't wear them EVER either *shrug* Sam wears them more than the all of them put together, but he likes the closed toe ones like Keens or crocs.


How does one get used to thong sandals? I have tried and tried -- but they tear the skin off between my toes and give me blisters there. Do you have to just build up callouses, or are my toes just freakishly close together or something. Because those flip flops look cool!


Hi Summer! DC misses you. I haven't had results yet with fitflops, but you can get them at a discount at Macys if you're a Macy's cardholder and use the 20% off coupon cards that they mail out all the time. As for toe rubbing, buy some of Dr. Scholl's moleskin and wrap it around the between-the-toe piece. That's what I do on my fitflops.

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