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06 October 2008



Happy anniversary, and I'm glad the pneumonia is gone!


well my dear, with your best interests at heart, I would suggest (ok, shake some sense into ya, hehe) that you revisit the yeast thing, cuz, ya, I was getting sick lots too. And, I don't wanna see you sick again with pneumonia, that's DANGEROUS~! Happy Anniversary~! Hope the beans were tasty~! :)


On the politics side, I highly recommend a quick visit to While Nate Silver (blog owner) is most decidedly an Obama supporter, he is fanatic about keeping the numbers as based in reality as possible. Total statistics geek...he has regressions and analysis upon analysis that's updated daily.

Anyway, as it stands, we're looking at 9:1 odds that Obama wins the election, and it's more and more likely that he'll not only win, but it'll be a landslide, too.

Happy anniversary, and thanks for the mascara tip (I'm due to replace mine, so I'll give that a try.). Hope your dinner was fab, and your health is recovered enough that you got to REALLY enjoy the evening!

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