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06 January 2009



Have you tried Roc Night-time Deep Wrinkle cream yet? See link -

Oil-free, non-comedogenic, cheap!

I love this stuff and two of the dermatologists that I have seen in the past year have recommended it as well. You may get some initial break-outs with it but stick with it for two weeks (typical of Vitamin A/retinol products). I actually stopped using my prescription Retin-A product to go back to this. If my skin starts to dry out when using it (winter only and in a much colder climate) I use an oil free Neutrogena face lotion on top of it at night.

Buy it from ULTA or CVS (or any other store with a cosmetics return policy) and it you don't like it just bring it back. But, really I don't think you will have to - it is great stuff.

Another option: Alpha Hydrox AHA Souffle 12% Glycolic Acid

dirt cheap and incredible! I use this in the summer when my skin is oilier (I need the moisture from the Roc cream in the winter). Again, stick with it for about two weeks and you will really start to see your skin clear up and even out. Your skin might tingle a bit when you first start using it (that's the glycolic acid) but it will adapt and then not bother you at all. Again, available at drugstores and ULTA.

If you skin starts to get irritated with any of the anti-aging products try changing your face wash - some are too harsh. Cetaphil (or the CVS brand knock-off) it great but so is Kiss My Face Olive Oil soap.

I saw huge differences in my skin with both of these products and my skin sounds similar to yours, except that I am 40! Hormones are hell!

Glad you have time to post more often.



Forgot to tell you, Avon takes returns no questions asked. Just send them an e-mail and tell them that you did not like the product. Half of the time they just give me a refund and I don't even have to send the remaining product back. I've never had a problem with them. Also if you are going to order from them again, try this face wash:

That reminds me I need some more!

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