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08 January 2009


Lynn C

Probably a good thing you didn't try to drive. If you get pulled over with a broken leg or arm, you can be written a traffic violation ticket... I think it's filed under "reckless driving" or "deliberate endangerment." It depends on what state you're in what the laws are, but god forbid you have an accident. A Personal Injury attorney would eat you alive...


oooh, good point Lynn~!

have you tried soaking your foot in mag oil? May help lesson the pain. I know when I have sore muscles it helps immensely. But, it may not help tendons. There's also BIOFREEZEĀ® spray that works well. And, Muscle Mist.

My friend Linda swears by Wobenzyme, a natural anti-inflammatory supplement. I didn't think much of it though for chronic knee pain. I could send the rest of my bottle ;-)

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