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12 January 2009



Just a bit of ASS-vce about crutches (I've been on them more times than I can count). The crutches may be set correctly - crutches are not meant to be used by leaning the pad on the armpit (they are supposed to sit about 2 inches below your when standing normally). You are supposed to use your hands to absorb the weight, not your armpits.

Either way, glad you FINALLY have an answer to all your pain. Whew, just a few more weeks of rest.


ah, so sorry you were right, sending healing vibes your way~! ~Kate

Lisa C.

I'm glad you got a firm diagnosis! Sending speedy healing vibes your way!


Get well soon. And perhaps take comfort in the fact that it's 12 degrees in Washington right now, and at least 50 degrees warmer where you are now.



Whew! I'm glad you went to a doctor--it kinda wigged me out that you hadn't. I'm a big fan of podiatrists.

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