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01 February 2009


Amy F

Peter has had one true IQ test and two pre-k testing sessions that were essentially the same thing. He is not comfortable in new situations (although new adults 1 on 1 aren't as scary as a roomful of people) and he did just fine. I was there for the real IQ test and in a different room for the others and it didn't seem to matter either way. He totally rocked the first portion then got lazier later on, partially due to the subject matter being less his thing with the later portion and probably because an hour of testing and sitting is a lot.

If your son is having a super-rotten day I'd ask to reschedule, but I've been surprised how well Peter coped with his testing (between the ages of 4 and 4.5). (fyi, his tests were to get into his pre-k, the school district's preschool screening, and his final NICU follow up visit)

Lisa C.

I think you're justified in your worry, although D will probably do just fine.

They did a Kindergarten-wide gifted achievement test the week after Thanksgiving and Ali did not do well at all... he flat out bombed the test. I later learned that it was a listening test and we think that he is temporarily partially deaf due to a series of ear infections. He's told me several times recently that he can't hear.

So I'm trying to get him into an ENT specialist (easier said than done) and his teacher said that they re-take the test in 3rd grade anyway, but it was hard to see that he'd done poorly.


Hey -- I know one thing to look forward to in February:) And holy Hannah I think Sam and Dorian are going to get along just fine. They've been testing Sam for -- forever. I just got results of more testing they did last week -- that I didn't even know they were doing. It placed him at between the grade 5 and grade 8 level and teh grade eight stuff dominated Grade 8!! That kind of stuff freaks me out. But Sam also just zones out completely and actually will get behind on his work because every. single. thing. has. to. be. perfect. They are complicated souls these kiddos. There is a great school that his teachers want me to send Sam to -- but it's a 30 minute drive each way - decisions, decisions.

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