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02 February 2009


Amy F

With Peter's test, there were a few sections, but they essentially ask questions of increasing difficulty until they get them wrong, so it would be reasonable for Dorian to say he got one wrong. The sections involved manipulating cubes to match another set, looking at pictures to which ones belonged together, two kinds of word associations -- one where the child had to define the tester's word and another where the tester described something and the child had to say what was described. Then he had one minute to copy a series of symbols as many times as possible. Peter did very well on all the pictoral stuff and normally on the verbal ones.


Yes, that's how IQ tests work. They increase the difficulty of questions until the subject starts to consistently get them wrong. Once he maxes out on his knowledge they give him an intellectual age. Then they divide his intellectual age by his real age and give you a number. An IQ of 130 is gifted. 85-115 is the normal range or 67% of our population.
From what you mentioned about Dorian it definitely sounds like he is above average - but 130 is quite a high standard for a school.
Good Luck!

Lynn C

Thought I'd drop in and say I hope your foot is feeling better!!

Also, thanks so much for stopping by my blog and pledging to help me walk in the Walk for the Cure. You are certainly a FABULOUS sponsor! I will definitely be thinking about you while I walk. Especially since YOU are the one who got me started on this whole healthy lifestyle in the first place. Not by nagging or being a pain, but just by giving me a good example, someone to look up to and admire. I've wanted to be YOU for years now.

Of course, now I don't want to be you, I want to be ME, which is even better!!

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