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03 March 2009



I don't even own make-up, and it's not because I'm naturally gorgeous, but because it looks weird on me. The thought of wearing makeup to yoga makes me itch. Vive la difference!


I put it on in the morning without fail as it's part of the little time for me that I have clawed and scratched out with GREAT effort. However, I do take it off for exercise. Of course I exercise in my own family room with my dance DVDs so no large mirrors or other people, well except for Alex and he can deal with my nekkid face. I'm curious as to what you wear that stands up to Yoga and Pilates. Nice to see you posting again!


Sometimes not going to yoga class is actually the best yoga.

I don't leave the house without mascara, no matter what. Actually, I'm so self-conscious about my rosacea that I wear foundation, too (although not usually to yoga). And then I pull out the tinted lip balm, because why not?

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