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04 June 2009



That's funny! The first time I was on it I didn't realize that I had to stand so darn still and my BMI was also 57. I had to do it again:) These days it tells me that my age is 30. I like younger. Of course my BMI is 23. Hmmmm. Would love to get to that 22 holy grail -- just not enough to work at it! Although my husband, who is slim and trim, supposedly has a BMI of 24, so that makes me suspicious.

My body image alternately sucks with, I look fine, I am happy. But man my face is looking OLD!


Nope. I'm the last person on earth to not have Wii fit. I keep saying I want it and then I get distr...oh, look at that shiny thing over there!


Honestly, I think mine was within a couple of years of my real age.

My husband had the same problem with the backwards board. He was going NUTS trying to do the table tilt and later realized it wasn't his fault.


We have a Wii fit, but I haven't used it yet, because of the pregnancy and now the need to recover after the birth. I'll let you know as soon as I get on the board.


don't have one, but i am sure i'd be about 75 what with the aching pregnancy hips and the 13 hour nursing shift feet.

we'll probably break down and do the wii for christmas or something.

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