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23 June 2009



#1 And I thought Arnica and brushing sent bruises packing fast..... I think you may be on to something with the dark circles though.....

#2 Pet Peeve of mine, people who think red and burgundy match as well as other similar colors...... And if mismatched colors wasn't bad enough, let's throw in some mismatched styles........... And yes, it's just not raught........

#3 Mmm, I though you believed in NVPL........ Well, maybe lace isn't visible, but with my skin, the swelling associated with microplaning probably would be.......

#4 Oh, hell, be wild and crazy and reshave 'em both! I can't imagine wearing trousers in Florida in late June.........


#1 -- You know, apparently bee venom can work wonders for nerve complaints. I wouldn't find it beyond the realm of belief that mosquitoes could be worth SOMETHING.

#2 -- I was rolling my eyes until the color mention. Red & burgundy? That makes my head hurt. My college roomie used to swear by "if it doesn't match perfectly, then CONTRAST." I still keep that in mind when I'm blending tones -- guess I should tell her that, huh?

#3 -- What, it wasn't therapeutic?

#4 -- My new favorite toy (and by "toy," I mean "thing that imparts pain, but leaves my legs looking much nicer"): Braun Silk Epil W/D. The first time, think waxing, but slower (OW). After the first time, it's easy, and my legs are getting smoother with each use. I love this thing, and can easily imagine a future sans razors.


Oh FINE. They stripped out the URL for my new toy. Here's the full name, so you can google it: Braun SE7281WD Xpressive Body System Rechargeable Wet & Dry Epilator


The last observation cracked me up!!! I'd probably wear pants considering what I'm going through these days. I'd have no patience with my time to do an emergency shave. Then again in Florida, maybe I'd make the time considering how hot it would be.


I am fascinated by #1. To the point of wanting to see a picture. I know that is a little creepy.


you crack me up~!

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