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06 July 2009



Sounds like a great Fourth! I was too tired to see fireworks this year, as Tommy just came home from the hospital the day before and I was exhausted from lack of sleep and still needing to go to the hospital to see Liam. Next year will be much better. But definitely not as good as seeing fireworks from a beach. That must be the best!


sounds delightfully bohemian. glad you had fun! (and I'm sure you looked hot in that white bikini)

Colleen C

Hi Summer! I found you again, after many months/years of losing your blog. Our kids (Dorian and Madeline) have the same birthday, and we first 'met' on that old iparenting website - Born in January 03! Yours was the very first blog I ever read - which is seems like so long ago! My computer died around the time that you were switching from Summertime to befabulous and I lost you for ages!!
I am so glad to have found you again, and here that you are doing so well in Florida! Still trying to back track and find out about the move!!
Take care!

Colleen (and Madeline - jan 11-03!)

Laura K.

K has the same thing going on when she gets loose teeth. Let me tell you that it is HEAVEN when it comes to getting the baby teeth out, becasue those new guys push the others so that they literally pop out of the mouth pain-free (both times she said, "I just pushed my tooth and it popped right out!"). We've had two of these already. The current wiggliest tooth does not have an intruder behind it, and I fear the drama that will come from it.

Glad all is going well for you! :)

Timothy Mclaney

That must have been one helluva jamming session! Do you play skin, or plastic head? Anyway, the two rows of teeth tend to look freaky, but that's just nature's way of saying that our kids are growing.

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