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15 July 2009



Whatcha' watchin' on TV these days???

Lynn C

Do you miss anything about DC, or Virginia in general? I know when I moved away from Lynchburg, there's a restaurant that I really missed. Still do, actually.


Are you still at peace with your decision (or rather Vince's) not to pursue medical assistance to have a second child? Although I stayed for your witty repartee and fabulous fashion sense I'm sure I originally found your blog via the IF circles although I've been reading you for so long I can't really remember when I started.

Also are you still a big coupon, bargain shopper when it comes to groceries? I was always impressed with what you managed to get with your food budget but wasn't sure what your options for food shopping are where you live now.

Let's see, what else. Is there any wonderful new food that you've tried in FL that you hadn't had before prior to moving there. Any new restaurants or take-out places that you love?


OK, let's see, why did you move to Florida? Did you sell your business? Do you miss winter?

Kathy B.

My only question was shoe-related, and you already answered so I look forward to hearing answers to these.

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