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18 August 2009



I went to high school (and she lived in the room across the hall in college) with Preeti Mistry on the new Top Chef. So excited for her.


Thank you, God, that no one in my house is obsessed with Pokemon at the moment. [shudders at the memory]


So seriously? I think the boys need to be Pen Pals. PR doesn't start airing here until Sept 12. I wonder if I will be able to hold off watching it on You Tube (no).


I remember when my brother used to be obsessed with Pokemon cards. That was bake in the late 90's though. I didn't know kids were still playing with those things.


Ok, that is pretty funny. I'll have to remember that. I am in a no-stop-talking situation, but it is more like- Did you see that mommy? Did you see it? You see it? Mommy, I see it, you see it? Mommy? Mommy? (times 7,000)

Ugh, I'm exhausted by the time night rolls around.

Also, on that library thing, I am SO JEALOUS. My time in the library is very rushed and I don't have the time to ponder the rows of books. I may have to institute some Saturday time for me to sneak off to the library.


My son ( almost 7 ) and his pals are still into pokemon for almost years now. Good thing that I understand Pokemon since I'm playing the same game in the DS.

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