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25 August 2009



The Student Union! How cool is that. So glad the day went well.


Sounds terrific. And I must reiterate -- jealous about the school itself. Sam starts school on Monday. Anxious here, as it's a 2/3 split class and I wonder how that's going to work?

BTW -- I caved and watched PR on YouTube -- found an HD feed. It was an unusual first challenge. I didn't like Ari - but more than that her top was so badly made! But Mitchell is terrible. There is no way he'll last.


Congratulations! My Phoebe starts 3rd grade next Monday and we went to the "Meet the Teacher" session today. She was so excited as it's a new school for her too. I think she's really looking forward to it.


I hope the rest of his year has gone well. We are thinking of a gifted school next year for our 3rd grader. In the process of applying now.

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