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05 November 2009



Oh man, say it ain't so? I really hope you do still keep a blog, I've been reading your blog forever and I'm sort of attached to your posts even though you've transitioned from trendy boots to flip flops.

I get it though and will definitely find you on FB!


Will miss you here - hope to see you @ te new place! (I am still an FB holdout ... for now.)


Summer, if you start a new blog, please send me the link.
I don't facebook. Even my mother facebooks. I am so very uncool. But I want to stay connected with you and your life...

all my best wishes wherever life takes you.

Dreams and False Alarms

We are already friends on FB, so we are safe!

Colleen C

That's too bad, but I understand what you are saying. I will keep up with you on facebook, as I have been for a while!!


Sorry to see you go but I will find you on facebook!

Saliva Ovulation

If thats what your are planning go with it, but many will miss you here.

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