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December 05, 2007


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Hi, me again. I'm so glad you're doing this because I've been meaning to ask you about T-Tapp. What if all I ever want to do is 15 minutes to firm up my middle (partly for vanity, mostly because I have a weak and cranky lower back and I need strong abs to support it)? Would the book/DVD that you recommend as a first purchase be sufficient?

I ask because if I ever have an hour to workout at home, I'm likely to do yoga, which is very good for me for about 100 reasons. I don't know that I'd devote the 55 mins to the total workout (or ever have the 55 mins at home, even if I wanted to).
But I'm committed to finding 15 minutes a day to get strong again in my core. Please advise. I am so glad you are doing this!


Holy crap! I now have *three* blogs to list for you. Imagine that!

Jen, I'll respond -- definitely get the book, and give both the Hoe-Downs and "Secret to a Flat Stomach" (both included on the DVD w/book) a try. If -- no, WHEN -- you like those, add the 15 minute Basic Workout Plus. The flat stomach routine with BWO+ (which includes Hoe Downs) will only take you a couple minutes above that 15, and can provide some pretty impressive results, esp for a wonky back.

I'm at the stage in pregnancy where my back is beginning to wonk on me -- and from one day to the next, I can tell an enormous difference if I've done any T-Tapp or not.



I have been a longtime reader of sumertime, and I am excited to see your new blogs!

I love TTapp, but trying to get it done is difficult for me. It truly works, though, and I love the results I get when I can manage to keep myself consistent. I have a 9 month old, a 3 year old and a 5 year old, and I can't seem to get through even one video without being interrupted at least 10 times.

Farah Grissom

My name is Farah. I live in Colorado Springs, CO. I have 2 kids - DD is 3 and DS is 2 months. I gained a lot of weight with both pregnancies, lost a bunch after my daughter was born and then a hard year, miscarriage, stress and emotional eating and watching way too much TV put it all back on. Then I got pregnant with DS and gained way too much on top of that. So now I'm at my heaviest ever, 240, even after losing over 30 pounds after having my son. Those 30 came off with no effort from me, but I've stopped at 240 - my eating has been out of control for over a year now. I haven't been doing any exercise. And I'm having a hard time getting motivated to change either of those facts. I've got some really bad food habits from that last couple years, and I'm so tired and unmotivated I can't seem to get a workout in. I have a treadmill, but I don't use it (my hubby mocks me for this). My husband works 2 jobs, so he is literally gone night and day. I work part-time (in addition to being Mom full-time), mostly from home. In the past I've had success with lifting mixed with cardio, with Body-for-Life type eating. I also had success the two weeks I managed to do God-made eating and do T-Tapp workouts.

I've had the T-Tapp workouts for almost 2 years now and I've never done them with enough consistency to see any real or lasting results. I still believe they are good workouts, but I just am not sure they'll work for me. Skeptic and lazybutt - not a good combo. I've been reading summertime for a while now. I enjoy your writing style and sense of humor. I also admire your success with t-tapp.

Long comment - sorry, I'm long-winded when I'm typing.


Farah, sweetie, nobody with two little kids, a part-time job, and a spouse who is out of the house a lot because of work is a lazybutt, not by a long stretch. You have a lot going on right now, especially with your son being so tiny. Whatever else you do or don't do, be compassionate with yourself.

Lisa C.

Well, you already know me, but my name is Lisa and I've done T-Tapp off and on since May 2006. I have had really fantastic results with it when I've been able to do it consistently, unfortunately I fell off the wagon in July of this year and haven't done it since. Right now I am working on my underlying emotional issues that prevent me from being successful with self care. I know that T-Tapp is the right thing for me, though, it truly is an amazing workout!


I don't know.... I really want to love T-Tapp, since I LIKE it and I can see what a smart and healthy workout it is... but I haven't seen any results. I've been doing it pretty consistently since about March, and I even took an online class for a month. I'm not overweight and I'm in decent shape (used to be in very good shape), but oh! - the love handles and upper thighs! I'm shaped like one of those ancient fertility goddess statues, truly. I can't wear yoga pants or gaucho pants or anything at all stretchy. Someone once came up and poked my hip and said "what is that lump? Oh, it's you!"

And despite my careful and frequent TTapping, nothing has changed yet. I started skin brushing about 3 months ago, too. Nada. If anything, I've gained some weight over the past 3 months.

OK, what has changed is that I finally got my period back and got pregnant. So that's good - maybe it's due a little to TTapp, but maybe also to taking vitex. So right now I can't even think about losing weight. But I can think about sculpting, and I wish TTAPP would show results...

I learned about it from your blog, Summer, which I got to from Ask Moxie. Now I read you both, all the time. Dontcha love the internet?


PS that weight gain in the past 3 months? Definitely from BEFORE the pregnancy. Don't think I'm begrudging the pregnancy weight. It's just, there's a bunch more than there should be for 6 weeks along.


Emily, I feel your pain. I, too, gained about 10 pounds during my first few months on T-Tapp (yet, I'm still convinced it's a fab workout, go figure). Mid-way through the 60-day challenge, I was at 151.5...but by the time I got my positive pregnancy test, I was 11 pounds heavier! Now, at 26 weeks...let's not discuss my current weight, shall we?

I'm aiming to simply maintain enough muscle tone/mass that post-partum, I'll drop like nobody's business. That's what I'm telling myself anyway!

Farah, hello! (waving) Smell that little head for me, wouldya? I've got a boy coming in March, and I'm SO ready to be done.


Just wanted to say "Howdy!"


Oh man, I'm behind, you went and got a new blog while I was languishing.

Hi, I'm Joy, and I'm a tapper. Off and On. On it works really well. Off, not so much.


Hey Summer...

I've been reading your regular blog for a while, and finally bit the bullet and started Tapping. I am brand new - 3 days in to my initial bootcamp - so I really appreciate all your start up advice...

I'll be reading...

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