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January 29, 2008


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I just started this week. I'll let you know how it goes!

Lisa C.

Hm. Good point on the 3 minutes. I should add this into my daily routine (day 3 of boot camp now!).


Summer - did the brushing make any difference at all to your stretch marks, or did it mainly help with tightening your skin?


How long did you brush before you noticed a difference in your skin?


Hey Summer,

Just wanted to say thanks for all you T-Tapp advice posts, I have read all of them and am now adicted. It's the best thing! I look (and feel) SO MUCH better. I am probably in your situation -- only 5 feet tall, so even with less to lose, it makes a huge difference on a small frame. Thanks for the help.

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Thanks for adding the new information, as well as your analysis. This is why your blog is one of the few I read that I also ever bother to comment on. I don't do it to hear myself talk - I do it because I know you actually listen.

puma speed cat

Great write up. It is indeed the chance encounters with friends that can be really enjoyable.

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Wow, great point on the 3 minutes. I should add this into my daily routine.


Alexis Owmizer

That sounds fun. Perhaps people who hesitate should try doing it before they make excuses. A little muscle stimulation may remove laziness and boredom. Would you happen to know if this is safe for those who underwent surgery?

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I was wondering how many of us are doing the "skin brushing". There seems to be no info about this technique on the new forum but it was quite popular in the old forum. The idea is to gently move the fat from the areas such as the belly to the breasts using your palms. A lot of people on the old forum thought it worked for them.

Katelyn Betterton

Skin brushing is actually fun! It helps the skin stay clean and healthy. There should be no excuses right from the start. How did you compile that "excuse list", btw?

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