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February 25, 2008


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T-Tapp More is an amazing workout isn't it?! You *think* it's going to be easier than the Total Workout, but it challenges the body in a new way. Love it.


Okay, I feel slightly better about your mom's response to the women in the MORE video. Frankly, THAT is why I've never made it through it -- pride much?

Thanks for the heads up on the 60-day challenge! Little baby will be at least 2 weeks old by the 4/1 start, so I'm all over it. Until then, guess I should either get back to I-1 or MORE, huh?


This is a good post. I was trying to think of other post ideas that I'd like to read from you (since you mentioned that before)! I'm interested in hearing about what your usual routine is now that you're at your goal, and what you did to get there. Which workouts, how many days per week, when you do it, etc. Also, you have mentioned this before... but which new videos you'd recommend as the first ones to get after the Total Workout. Thanks!


I agree witht the previous comment. Do you do other exercises too? (running, weights, etc) I would also be interested in hearing about your typical TTapp workout routine during a week.

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